Work hard, get credit.

No one wants their hard work going overlooked. We make sure that doesn’t happen.


Performance radar

Your personal Performance Radar allows you to quickly evaluate your work performance across five different attributes with only a quick glance. The closer the radar point is to the edge, the better you’re performing in that category.

Timeliness serves as a measure of arrival variance and shift length variance. Focus provides insight into the ratio of your active to inactive minutes throughout a shift. Performance defines the quality of active work, based on your personal baseline. Heat safety visualizes your current risk of heat stress according to OSHA guidelines. Lastly, ergonomics shows time spent in improper postures throughout your shift.



The health card helps you stay healthy throughout your shift. Use the exposure tracker on the left to monitor the time you spend in direct sun, and follow the water consumption recommendation on the right to ensure you stay properly hydrated all day.


shift history

The shift card provides you with a track record of your previous shifts. The front of the card shows you average shift length, and how that compares to the site average, and industry average. The reverse side of the shift card provides you with your shift history in a tabular view, outlining arrival time, exit time, length, and earnings.


Performance reports

We believe in performance transparency. If you work hard on a project, you deserve a way to show it. That’s why we included in-app report generation. In a few seconds, receive a professional PDF performance report summarizing your operational habits, performance trends, and safety practices.