Get credit, stay safe, and have fun.

WorkerSense® makes sure your hard work doesn't go unnoticed. Additionally, we're here to make sure you stay safe and healthy throughout the work day, and have some fun while you're at it.

Work hard,

get credit

It can be hard to stay committed if it seems like your hard work is going overlooked. WorkerSense® aims to ensure that every ounce of hard work you put in on the job site is accounted for, and able to be leveraged for your own benefit and career progression.

Compete with

your peers

A little friendly competition is always a good thing. As you spend more time on a WorkerSense® project, you'll accumulate XP, through which you'll earn new ranks, emblems, and accolades, allowing you to compete with your peers on site.

Work towards


Why not sweeten the deal? On participating job sites, wear a WorkerSense® sensor for a certain amount of time every month to be entered into a random prize drawing of up to $1,000. Didn't win this month? Don't worry, it happens every month.



Work hard, and get credit for it.

We're firm believers in rewarding hard work. As job sites get bigger, WorkerSense® is here to make sure every ounce of effort goes recognized. With the built-in performance résumé generation feature, you're able to directly leverage your personal performance history to your own benefit.



Who's the best?

Only one way to know.

WorkerSense® spurs friendly competition through sensor-driven XP earnings. As you spend more time on site, you'll accumulate XP, allowing you to compete with your peers, and establish your personal experience.

Progress through new ranks as you earn XP

Earn new emblems, sent to you as hard hat stickers

Earn accolades through fun achievements



Win cash. Period.

On participating job sites, WorkerSense® pays out monthly rewards to a randomly selected worker. To qualify for the giveaway, all you have to do is wear your sensor for a certain amount of time over the course of the month.

Really simple, really fun.


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