Automate workflows, optimize output.

Automate time-consuming workflows with WorkerSense® to save your foremen time. Better understand crew dynamics and output efficiency to improve your bottom line.

Automate workflows

As a subcontractor, time is your most important resource. Luckily, WorkerSense® offers the data you need to automate much of the manual data entry tasks that occupy your time. Leverage WorkerSense® integrations to spend less time entering data, and more time managing your crews.

Optimize work crews

The faster you're able to get your work done, the better. WorkerSense® helps you analyze distribution of work amongst your crews, ultimately helping you understand the efficiency of your trade's collective output. Incentivize your top third, and figure out what's slowing down your bottom third.

Eliminate inefficiencies

Time not working is time wasted. Use WorkerSense® to identify the inefficiencies that are impeding your output. With real-time location data, work start and work end timepoints, and more, identify improper resource placement and other hurdles that may be slowing your production.



Focus on work, not data entry.

Keeping up to speed with site management platform data entry can be cumbersome. WorkerSense® provides you with automatically captured headcounts, arrival and exit times, whereabout data, and more, to help streamline your reporting. Leverage our existing integrations to have your routine reports auto-populated.

Workforce arrival and exit times

Daily headcounts

Areas of work

Hyperlocal weather data

Procore® Daily Log Population



Get the most out of your crews.

WorkerSense® allows you to make sure you're getting the most out of your crews. Through output consistency and distribution data, you're able to see how production changes throughout the day, and how evenly the members of your crew are contributing to it.

Real-time performance data

Production decline visualization

Distribution of work data

Categorical location tags

Work start and work end timepoints



Every hour counts.

When the stakes of production are in your hands, every hour, minute, and second counts towards your bottom line. WorkerSense® provides you with the tools you need to ensure no time is wasted when on the job through data-driven inefficiency elimination.

Site arrival and work start delay tracking

Indoor and outdoor position data

Travel time analysis

Production interruption alerts

SMS-driven crew surveys


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