All the capability, none of the learning curve.


1. Instant SMS notification.


Any point at which we’re able to eliminate unnecessary software, we do. For the most important things, like safety, we want nothing to come between you and the actionable information.

  • Fall Detection with Fall Height Estimation

  • Overexertion Detection

  • Overexposure Detection

  • Hard Hat Removal

  • Site Entry and Exit

  • Prolonged Physical Inactivity

  • Significant Performance Decline


2. Daily email reports.


Every day, we provide you with a custom, detailed report for each of your job sites. These reports summarize what happened that day, including simple observations such as site traffic and manpower, to more complex observations such as area of work analysis and an inefficiency diagnosis.

These emails include interactive and shareable charts, as well as an attached .CSV file for easy data import into other applications. Our daily site reports are a perfect way for you and up to 100 users to keep tabs on anything from a single, 20-man job, to multiple 200+ worker projects.

Download a sample report →

  • Workforce Insights

    • Worker Arrival

    • Worker Exit

    • Overall Site Traffic

    • Calculated Manpower

  • Performance Insights

    • Average Site Temperature

    • Average Worker Performance Rating

    • Site Work Distribution

  • Efficiency Insights

    • Work Start Delay

    • Work End Delay

    • Unscheduled Break Time

    • Performance Decline

  • Area of Work Insights

    • Average Distance Traveled

    • Site Heatmap


3. Advanced mobile applications.


For clients who want to take their site efficiency to the next level, we’ve developed two iOS applications, WorkerSpot, and WorkerSpot Pro.

Empowering users with real time device data, detailed site overlays, and troves of historical data, these tools make you feel like you haven’t stepped foot outside of the job site, even if you’re half way around the world.

We’re currently testing this applications with select clients. If your company would like to work with us, please contact us.

  • WorkerSpot

    • Real Time Position Markers

    • Site Drawing Overlay

    • Multiple Project Support

    • List View

  • WorkerSpot Pro

    • Standard WorkerSpot Features

    • Interactive Charts

    • Report Generation

    • Trackback (Historical Data Mode)