Unparalleled site awareness.


workforce radar

The Workforce Radar allows you to quickly evaluate your subcontractors across five different attributes with only a quick glance. The closer the radar point is to the edge, the better the subcontractor is performing in that category.

Timeliness serves as a measure of arrival variance and shift length variance, providing insight into a companies operational tendencies. Focus provides insight into the ratio of a contractor’s active to inactive minutes throughout a shift. Performance defines the quality of active work, based on personal baselines generated automatically for each tradesman. Heat safety visualizes the contractor’s current risk of heat stress according to OSHA guidelines. Lastly, ergonomics shows time spent in improper postures throughout a contractor’s shift.



Manpower is a simple statistic, yet difficult to access without the proper technology. Our dashboard shows average manpower for the user’s selected time range, as well as a current total head-count. Per-contractor manpower is visualized on the chart.

The reverse of the manpower card presents this information in a tabular view, outlining current contractor head-counts, average arrival times, and more.



Within the first 8-10 hours, we build a baseline profile for each of your tradesmen, understanding what they do on site. This allows for generation of real-time, 0-100% performance ratings for each of your tradesmen. Productivity declines, stoppages of work, and lack of direction are immediately noticeable, and are able to be mitigated more quickly. The average site performance rating is shown on the left, and a chart visualizing your weekly performance trend, compared to the industry average, is shown on the right.

The reverse of the performance card presents this information in a tabular view, delineated by contractor.



Thanks to our custom sensors, we’re able to monitor the wet-bulb globe temperature for each tradesman on your job site.


Map view

With GPS modules in every sensor, you’re able to track workforce positioning in real-time. Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the Map View to adjust the time frame, allowing you to analyze movement throughout the day, revealing inefficiencies with resource placement and other site logistics.

Thanks to our PlanGrid partnership, you’re able to import sheets directly into our app as satellite map overlays, and see tradesmen on your site drawings in real-time.