Simplicity in mind.

Our hard hat mounted sensors collect your data, so your tradesmen don’t have to. Compatible with any hard hat, and virtually crushproof, our sensors are here to stay.

Detailed exposure information

  • Temperature (°C, °F)

  • Relative Humidity (%)

  • UV

  • IR Light (lux)

  • Visible Light (lux)

  • Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature (°C, °F)

With the variability of exposure conditions across a job site, local weather data won’t suffice.

Through independent exposure monitoring for every worker on site, enjoy peace of mind knowing we have your workers covered, whether they’re in direct sun, around reflective surfaces, or hot machinery.

Precise movement tracking

  • Caloric Expenditure (kCal/min)

  • Accelerometer (g)

  • Gyroscope (°/s)

  • Magnetometer (G)

Exertion is a critical metric when it comes to understanding worker safety and their role on site.

However, we don’t stop there, collecting nine axes of inertial information, opening the door to situational awareness tracking, inertial positioning, and safer autonomous vehicle navigation systems, further empowered by our API.

Boundless position tracking

Whether it’s informing a site supervisor of the location of an unresponsive worker, or helping a project manager understand the most efficient placement of on-site resources, GPS data adds value at every point in the product suite.

Thanks to an onboard cellular modem, these capabilities are truly boundless, and ready to handle the largest of project footprints.

  • Latitude (°)

  • Longitude (°)

  • Altitude (ft, M)

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