Prevention, containment,

and liability reduction.

These times are unprecedented, but we're here to help you navigate these next several months through distancing enforcement, contact tracing, and more.



Our active distancing enforcement and gamification tools are increasing site-wide distancing by nearly 20%, and reducing non-essential proximity by over 75%.



Automatically check workers for common COVID-19 symptoms, recent travel, and COVID-19 exposure every day when they arrive on site with our SMS-driven arrival surveys.



Quickly isolate cases on site through retrospective contact tracing. Our containment tools identify likely infected workers, as well as the past 72 hours of location data for proper sanitation.


“A Los Angeles company, WorkerSense, wants to make construction safer by embedding microchips in workers' hard hats that track how effective workers are at social distancing and send alerts when they get closer than six feet to each other. Crew members are ranked at distancing similar to competing in a video game or taking Flywheel class and can get bonuses for top scores."

Ben Bergman



Fun and effective social distancing.

WorkerSense® offers the most effective COVID-19 prevention and containment solution on the market. Reliable sensor-sensor detection drives gamified job site distancing, as well as friendly and personalized SMS-driven distancing reminders, configurable by frequency.

19.6% increase in site-wide safe distancing

75.8% decrease in non-essential unsafe proximity

Gamification improves worker engagement

Ability to exempt pairs of workers

Ability to configure intervention delay and frequency



Automated arrival check-ins.

Powerful from a prevention and liability standpoint, automated arrival surveys triggered by WorkerSense® sensors allow for comprehensive daily risk mitigation, without the paper hassle or operational impact on large projects.

Easily enabled or disabled

Set custom questions to match company policies

Takes 20-30 seconds

Responses stored on secure server



Preparing for the worst.

In the case of a positive COVID-19 case on your job site, respond with confidence by leveraging the WorkerSense® interaction database for your project. Instantly know who has spent time around that individual over the past four weeks, and prevent further spread.

Returns list of possible transmissions, with likelihood %

Returns the individuals location over the past 72 hours

Currently accessed via the WorkerSense API


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