Dreaming bigger.


With millions of data points collected on every site, every day, we decided to create a REST API to empower other tools through use of our device data streams.

Whether it’s autonomous vehicle navigation, safety applications, payroll applications, or site management tools, our device API enables any developer to implement real time worker data into their applications.

  • Protocol and Host

    • https://api.workersense.com

  • Format

    • WorkerSense accepts requests in form encoded format (content type application/x-www-form-urlencoded), and always replies with JSON (content type application/json)

  • Authentication

    • As of now, API access is provided on a selective basis. Please contact us for an access token.

  • Device Endpoint

    • Definition

      • GET /{deviceid}?{access_token}

    • Response Attributes

      • worker_name (String)

        • Worker name

      • site_name (String)

        • Name of site

      • company (String)

        • Name of worker’s company

      • lat (Float)

        • Current lattitude (°)

      • lon (Float)

        • Current longitude (°)

      • temp (Float)

        • Current temperature (°F)

      • hum (Float)

        • Current relative humidity (%)

      • rating (Float)

        • Current performance rating (0-100%)

      • status (Int)

        • “1” if on site, “0” if not on site

      • bat (Float)

        • Current battery percentage (0-100%)