Just a quick note.

I founded WorkerSense back in May of 2016. Still an undergraduate at Duke University, I feel as though I was in a uniquely advantageous position to create a truly impactful product. Early on, the focus wasn't driving sales, formulating a marketing strategy, or really, anything business-related at all. My focus was solely on building something that would shine a new, innovative light on the problems the industry is facing. And I think that, thanks to the absence of these traditional "business pressures", I was able to achieve this- but certainly not on my own.

Lucky for me, enough people in the construction and energy industries were friendly enough to respond to my cold calls and emails, and I found myself in a lot of productive conversations with industry veterans, combining their experience with my technical knowledge and ideation. 

The technology started as a heat stress prevention tool, but very quickly, I realized the additional applications that could be achieved through the ridiculous amount of data the devices were providing. In particular, the analysis of performance. This proved to be one of the coolest components of the product to me, mostly because of how new and "futuristic" it feels. 

At this point, I believe that I had obtained a much better grasp on the industry itself. It's no secret that the construction industry lags behind in terms of technology adoption, but I don't believe it's the fault of the industry. I realized very quickly how intense of a process construction is. For this particular group of professionals to embrace this product I made, it had to be especially crucial to improving their operations. Not that this necessarily differs conceptually from other corporate or consumer spaces, but I feel as though the "necessity of necessity" is at an extreme in the construction space.

So, that's what really brought WorkerSense to where it is now. Essentially, putting in a little bit of extra effort on our end, and crafting products that are shaped to fit whatever problems the client is facing, ensuring that every single data point, chart, or visualization directly contributes to helping their project finish safely, ahead of schedule, and under budget.  

And honestly, I'm really happy about it. For me, it's exciting to face new challenges with a new client, and to solve them with technology. 


Canyon Dell'Omo

Founder & CEO